Part of the Family

People thrive because we put their safety, wellbeing, rights and enjoyment at the centre of everything we do at our club. We ensure we create the correct environment in and around our club to promote development. Encouraging a growth mindset and mastery oriented approach to our teaching. We do this through the use of our Values (our cornerstones). Values - We truly believe better people make better players. We aim to improve the person on the field and just as importantly off it. Industriousness - We encourage effort and to always do your best. Anything can be achieved with the correct attitude. Confidence - We believe in everyone at our club and want to ensure they build that own belief in themselves. Giving them the correct experiences to be good citizens. Support - As a club we do all we can for the development of the people that are ‘part of our family’ we want to support them and give them the tools necessary to go and be successful.


Community Football

The Committee of Whitletts Victoria Football Club have strong community values and our development of the Club is based around our desire to not only be a focal point for and to serve the local community but to provide opportunities for the people living within the community that may not otherwise be available to them.